Financial control of your real estate investments

The real estate market is unpredictable and fast moving. To make the most of opportunities that present themselves, you need to be on top of your financial information and know exactly where you stand. MacLaughlin Consulting provides high quality financial information for its clients.



Real Estate Accounting & Reporting Services 


Real estate accounting is one of our core businesses. It is the cornerstone underpinning all the services we provide. By combining extensive knowledge and experience in real estate portfolios, we can provide you with the expert support you need.
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Clear and accurate financial reporting is of vital importance in real estate decision making. MacLaughlin Consulting delivers that high quality reporting for you and ensures reliable financial statements, flexible, in time and audit-proof.
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The MacLaughlin team takes its role as an independent and objective service provider very seriously. Proactive professional advice in financial real estate matters with regard to your structures and entities is what you may expect. 
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In addition to our accounting and reporting services MacLaughlin Consulting provides administrative services. We can guard all your legal digital documents and anticipate in keeping them up-to-date. We can be your gatekeeper in this.
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As our name, MacLaughlin Consulting, implies we also offer consultancy services. Real estate investment companies deal with a wide range of complex issues. Our own expertise and our extended network is well suited to advise you.
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Customer Care

At MacLaughlin Consulting B.V. we build long standing relationships with our clients. The majority of our clients are non-listed privately held international real estate investment companies. Most of our clients' headquarters are seated in Europe.

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MacLaughlin Consulting B.V. was founded in 2007. Specific knowledge of the real estate industry, combined with the ability to provide clients with excellent accounting and reporting services turned out to be a successful mix in establishing the company.

The founders were convinced of the uniqueness of maximum flexibility and personal approach in customizing accounting client services. Since then the client relations have been long-lasting and sustainable.

The company integrity, flat organization structure and sticking to core business were always combined with the urge to deliver excellent quality of our services and they will remain in future.


We deploy our knowledge in output of our services, translated in reliable, value adding financial information to assist our clients in real estate decision making.

Core values

The core values of our company are:

•    Integrity and respect
•    Independent operational excellence
•    Personal approach and confidentiality
•    Excellence in customer care
•    Excellence in employee care
•    Compliant to law, regulations and ethical standards


Our company is determined to keep providing excellent services to our clients, sustainable with acknowledging that our kind of services in real estate industry should always be compliant with company integrity, laws and regulations and ethical responsibility to society.

We believe that reliable financial statements are the backbone for real estate decision making. We ensure the reliability required while also providing the flexibility and customization for structures and entities with dynamic portfolios.

The company likes to be considered by her clients as a service provider, delivering the best services in consistent, long-lasting client relationships.